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25 October 2005

Making COREBlog Comment Moderation Admin Friendlier

Save a step each day

Keeping SPAM out of weblog comments is a big priority these days. I set up COREBlog to require comment moderation and to notify me by mail of new comments. So when one of those mails arrive I have to log in and click to get it going. I just made that go faster.

Since I'm not logged into the admin interface all time and since comments sometimes come in on old posts, navigating to the right comment is sometimes a bit of a drag. But the URL that gets me to the comment moderation page in question derives straight from the ID of the commented post, so instead of this line from the COREBlog notification howto...

EntryID  :%s

I now use this...
EntryID / Moderate :
...and now I can copy&paste the URL to go straight to moderate the comment. It gets expanded right to the proper URL.

Not that too many comments are comming in, but maybe you (yes you!) have something witty to comment to one of the weblog entries (hint, hint!).

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