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26 October 2005

Scary Temperatures and Nice Music

News from Norway, France
Pine grove near Vas. Sofias street

Tor reports this morning temperatures of -15C in Norway. Which I promptly used to scare the gf. Here in Athens right now it's 19C (plus, not minus) and we are expecting 24C during the day. At night it gets a bit chilly with 16C (and it was colder a week ago). Seems to me I'm living on the right end of Europe right now :-)

In other news Saad (of #bsdcow fame) has posted his monthly Wonderful Songs Feature for November 2005. He recommends each month the songs (and albums) that he listened to and enjoyed that month. His selections are off the main road of the music industry, lots of "independent" stuff, all pretty laid back. Recommended.

The picture was made on monday morning, when I took a slightly other way to work. I came by this beautyfull park full of pine trees. Almost a little grove or even a forest. And next to it this big racetrack of a road. (Click on the image for a bigger view.)

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