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23 November 2005

Playing Around With a Blackberry

So what?
Blackberry on my table

My boss just dropped a Blackberry on my table for me to play around with. I did, and now I am wondering: What is all the fuss about? It's just another phone with PIM. The form factor (especially the keyboard) reminds me of my old Treo 270, sans the flip. The wide format display sure may be more useable for ssh than the one in my P910. The display does not seem to be touch sensitive.

Having a quick look through the web for an ssh client reveals an open source one and a couple of weird commercial solutions, some of them in client-server setups. Also there seems to be some question of special blackberry coverage that needs to be available on your network. Does not sound like another field I would have to read myself into, if I can lazily avoid it. TCP/IP (over something like GPRS) is good enough for me.

The integrated web browser seems to download background images, but not display them. It shows my blog good enough (see screen on picture). The browser id string was "BlackBerry7290/4.0.2 Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1". Traceroute to the connecting address was kind of funny. The machine seems to connect through Vodaphone Greece, but the traceroute went to some server in England. That client-server game again, I guess.

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Re: Playing Around With a Blackberry

I thought of getting one myself too. But I realized that I wouldn't use it like a business phone, as it seems advertised: corporate email and all that stuff. Plus it hadn't a camera, no bluetooth so I could syncronize my contacts to iSync or similar and it looks rather clunky as a phone.
So I went and got a motorola v3. Now that's style :-)

Posted by: Rodolfo Gouveia at November 23,2005 23:35
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