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02 December 2005

First Time Takeaway Macs in Greece

Big news I almost overlooked

The last few days news reached me from a few sides about Macs being sold through new channels here. First there was a post about Mediamarkt (a german electronics chain that just arrived in Greece) carrying the i*-range of Macs. Then meLiS posted at HelMUG again about fnac (a french bookstore and electronics outlet that too just arrived in Greece) carrying the same range of Macintosh computers.

And then my boss sent me a MMS with a pic of some white Macs at display. Apparently Multirama (a subsidiary of the greek electronics store Germanos) is carrying iMacs, iBooks, and Mac minis too now. Their website has no info about that though. Great news, but somehow I thought, what's the big deal? They sell Macs, so what.

The point that gets everybody excited is that like the first time you can walk into a store here in Athens, look at Macs on display, buy a Macintosh and walk out with the box. Not just order it and wait till the cows come home. Not having to supply photocopies of ID documents. It also gives a lot more exposure to Macs in a country where you had to be an insider to know where the Mac dealers were. That is what makes people say "oh". Buying a Mac in Greece just got a lot easier.

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Re: First Time Takeaway Macs in Greece

I believe they also do Linux but I am not sure

Posted by: Patrick at February 12,2008 05:31
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