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03 December 2005

Lucky Weather, nice Chocolate

Sitting in the sun

Todays excursion took us to the Πάρκο Ελευθερίας (Parko Eleftherias) where we hoped to find the christmas bazaar of the local animal protection society. We had been there last year and I had picked up a warm sweater and some used books. No such luck this year, the bazaar had already been last weekend.

So we went to the cafeteria named after the same park "Πάρκο Ελευθερίας" and enjoyed the sun and the wonderfull warm weather. 20°Celsius on December 3rd, really acceptable. The prices are the usual athenian road robbery, but the selection of drinking chocolates is excellent. The one with white chocolate, lemon and pine seeds was out. We tasted white chocolate with pistacchio, creamy, not too sweet, wonderfull. And I'm no big fan of white chocolate.

The menu lists a range of chocolate fondues too. If those are of the same quality as the drinking chocolate, then the place is a real recommendation for chocolate lovers in Athens. But then my "fresh" orange juice was a mix of fresh and boxed juice, a pitty. The cafeteria is situated real nice, right next to the park, almost in the park. Our table with the white sofas invited us to sit a long time and enjoy the sun.

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Re: Lucky Weather, nice Chocolate

Ran across u by accident, enjoy your blogging, esp your little weekend outings which give me ideas of cool stuff to do whenever i'm in ATH...
I'm an American(and not an ugly one! ;-) living in Santorini for 7 years... right now I'm in the states for my winter surfing fix...

Posted by: BooBoo at December 17,2005 14:45
BooBoo: Thanks for the nice feedback!

Thanks for the nice feedback! I always try to work that angle in, giving an idea here and there for what one could do in Athens. Enjoy your winter vacation!

Posted by: betabug at December 21,2005 09:20
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