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04 December 2005

A Sunday Walk and a... Flight Plan

Pedio tou Ares and cinema

This sunday was too nice to stay inside, blue sky, warm air and sun. We went for a stroll in the park Πεδιό του Άρες (Pedio tou Ares) in my old neighbourhood near the Victoria subway station. (Picture of a particular beautiful spot in the park.) On sundays you can see people play football and cricket there. The football players are from almost everywhere, the cricket players are from India or Pakistan (I haven't asked).

In the evening we went to see the movie "Flight Plan" with Jodie Foster. Suspense, lots of suspense. Lots of dark, blue images. I enjoyed it, but it didn't help my paranoia much. I almost waited for terrorists to capture the trolley bus on the way home.

It reminded me a lot of Bruce Schneier and the term "movie plot threats". The action in that big, new plane with one of the engineers on board definitely fits that label. Plus it's a nice example of the human factor being often the weak spot. But I guess now by the time it is shown here in Greece and by the time I went to see it, everybody has already seen it. The next thing is some US politicians will come and demand all single mothers to be handcuffed on all flights.

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Re: A Sunday Walk and a... Flight Plan

It's not 'Πεδιό του Άρες (Pedio tou Ares)'. The right name is "Πεδίον του Άρεως (pedion tou Areos)".

Posted by: Mary at December 06,2005 11:06
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