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06 December 2005

Not matching settings name in M$ Knowledge Base

Typing is random

In the post "IE Bug Bitten" I wrote about a stupid IE bug that causes us and our customers trouble. Even though I used a workaround on our Server, today the bug bit me again, as likely customers have the setting that produces the bug again, even after the workaround is on the server. So I looked up that Knowledge Base article again.

Isn't it funny how badly confusing the M$ Knowledge base article is? The error description somehow matches what our customers experience, but not exactly. The error message is slightly different. Our customers get an error message that says something about not being able to save to cache. And I don't get the feeling that the difference is due to different Windows / IE versions. I think the Microserf in question was just too lazy to type it all in properly.

Even the name of the setting that has to be unchecked at the customers is not the same as on my test machine (IE 6.0.2600.000 - yes, you have to have 2600 in your IE version number to be truly 31337): The KB says to uncheck "Do Not Save Encrypted Files" while IE here has "Do not save encrypted pages to disk". A small difference, but if you can't even get this one right, how might the code look?

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