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11 December 2005

What a Weekend

Party on Saturday, still tired

This Saturday there was a nice party at my place. My birthday was some days ago and my flatmates birthday is in a few days so we met in the middle and threw a party, which also worked as a housewarming party.

But the result is that I did not doo much all weekend, except help in getting everything for the party ready and then chat, eat, and drink with our guests. The evening was real nice, thank you all for coming! Special Thank-You and Kisses to Mary for cooking. Now I need a good nights sleep to get back to speed on Monday.

On Wednesday there will be another challenge. Public transport will be on strike and I will have to find a very alternative way to go to work. Still thinking about that one.

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Re: What a Weekend

Happy Birthday!

BTW we did a small meeting to roll out my (quite unfinished) car. You can see the pics here:


Posted by: Reuven at December 12,2005 08:37
Re: What a Weekend

Happy Birthday Betabug!

It's the 3rd week of strike for one of the main RER (suburb trains) in Paris. Look at me. I'm still alive ;-)


Posted by: Saad at December 13,2005 07:52
You can trackback to:
December Party Pictures

Last December we had a combined birthday party here at TEH FLAT(tm).
Some cool people came over and we drank and talked all night. After a
long wait my friend Panos (libero of HelMUG fame) has provided us with
some pictures. Enjoy!

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