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13 December 2005

Where Does That New iChat Window Go?

The small nuisances of iWorking

Can anyone please explain to me how iChat calculates where it opens new chat windows? It's a major mess for me. I'm sitting here, trying to work with a Firefox window, a Safari window, 3 to 5 windows and... iChat. We use iChat via Bonjour (née Rendezvous [1]) to communicate inhouse. But everytime I open a new chat window it will open somewhere, anywhere on my big screen. I've chatted with that same person 5 minutes ago, why can't the window position be remembered? It messes up my workarea.

From what I see windows are just placed quasi random around, more or less a few pixels to the right and down from where iChat last opened a window. Not in any relation to where I last placed a window.

[1] Having to rename an already rolled out product is not fun. Not even when it's for trademark reasons and the company itself is big time int he trademark game. They should have asked me, I'd have suggested "Καλημέρα" (Kalimera), which nobody would have understood and thus they couldn't have been sued.

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Re: Where Does That New iChat Window Go?

If you don't use the audio/video features of iChat then you should definitely switch to Adium. It's far better.

Posted by: geopapl at December 13,2005 19:55
Re: Where Does That New iChat Window Go?

Adium looks real nice, I downloaded it and tried it out. Tabbed windows would be cool and being able to switch between tabs by Command-Arrow (same as in is great. But... I could not get Bonjour chat to work. I would see the others and write to them, but nothing appeared at their side. The Adium site has a ticket about Bonjour problems with Adium (#1965) that almost matches my problems. I'll check back later for a newer version.

Posted by: betabug at December 14,2005 09:31
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