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14 December 2005

Catering... L'Odeur

This smells of a fishy translation
l'Odeur Catering

This weeks Αθηνόραμα (Athinorama)[1] has an advertising brochure bundled for a catering company called... (drumroll) l'Odeur. Don't believe me? Look at the scanned brochure (click on the image for the complete view). My french is not *that* good, but when I saw it I thought something smelled of a fishy translation. Either I was off or they don't have a good nose for the nuances of anything french. So I asked the experts at #bsdcow who assured me (repeating here for those of my readers - out of all three of them - who don't speak french too well) that l'Odeur can indeed be something that smells good (meaning smell in general then), but normally it is something that stinks. Ups. Catering "the stink" anyone. Also note the subtle use of french colors in the "waves" of smell going up. Vive la tricolore or something.

[1] Αθηνόραμα is the Athenian "going-out" paper, which lists cinemas, theaters, restaurants, clubs, etc.

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