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19 December 2005

Plastiline Fun

Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

This is the real stuff: Saturday we went to watch Wallace and Gromit in their full length feature. Really, really, really, really recommended. Not just because it's Wallace and Gromit, and because I'm a fan of theirs, and because I've seen all their previous stuff (at one point in Mac OS 8 land I even had cool Wallace and Gromit desktop icons on my PowerBook 1400). But the movie is great fun, lots of crazy humour, weird stuff as usual in a movie with spleeny Wallace and his geeky dog Gromit. The story is well made too, with good suspense. Right till the end we were still gripping the handles of our seats. I had the impression that the movie lasted only about 20 minutes, the action was so tight. The local cinemas treated the film like a childrens movie though.

Best parts (probably too confusing for spoilers anyway, but if you haven't seen the movie and are afraid of spoilers, just skip this paragraph): The knife coming down like a guillotine on... not what you'd expected. The coin operated airplanes. Gromit locking himself in the car when the suspect mutates to the wererabbit outside. The "de-mudding" switch on the car (lots of cool stuff on the car anyway). My friends enjoyed the hair of the lady, shaped like a carrot. The finger traces on the female wererabbit. The machine that gets W & G dressed and ready for breakfast. Lots of stuff is a running gag for long time fans, like Gromit knitting. The girls didn't remember this from the older movies, so it did not leave so much of an impression with them. For me it was a "hello old friend" joke.

Interesting enough, this movie is treated by the greek cinemas almost as a pure childrens affair. It is impossible to find a cinema that has it programmed later than about 19:30. This kept us from seeing the movie during the week. Most of the showings are translated to Greek, but the later showings are with the original english voices and subtitles. We were lucky to have seen one of those. I enjoyed the british stuff, was able to understand most of the more slangy bits and did not look at the subtitles for the most part. Usually the subtitles distract me a bit, since I'm always going forward and backward to hearing and understanding only and then again reading the greek subtitles.

The cinemas in the city have the movie only in the afternoon. We took the subway to a multiplex cinema (Ster) a bit more outside, so we could see it at 19:15, more in sync with our rhythm. We paid a bit more (7.50 Euro for a ticket is a lot I'd say), but we enjoyed a lot of room for our feet and an unhindered view. Widely spaced seats and sharp declining auditoriums are a major selling point for this multiplex chain. Good enough for me.

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