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21 December 2005

Christmas Light Impressions

Right from the center of Athens

The last two evenings we went to Syntagma square and the Zappeio Megaron in the center of Athens to see what the municipality has prepared for christmas. It's all quite nice to look at, here are a few pictures to give you an impression...

Xmas tree on Syntagma square
The big Christmas tree on Syntagma square, right outside the entrance to the metro station. This is the place where all the action is happening.
Caroussel on Syntagma square
The caroussel on Syntagma square. There are caroussels on other big squares of the city too. Of course lots of children enjoy the show. It doesn't quite show in the pictures, but all the square is illuminated with christmas lights and there are lots of people admiring that. There are small houses with shops that sell sweets, there is a human sized, open to the front "doll house" where fairy tales are impersonated by actors.
illuminated trees near the Zappeio
Illuminated trees on a park way to the Zappeio. The blue shimmer in the distance is the blue and white illuminated installation near the ice rink.
Installation outside Zappeio
A blue and white illuminated installation near the Zappeio building. Stylicised trees and large balls sprinkled with a white substance resembling snow.
Ice rink outside the Zappeio
The ice rink outside the Zappeio (of which some column are on the right in the background). A fun match with guests chosen at random was conducted, later there was supposed to be a "show" hockey match. We got bored waiting in the cold and left, but I will come and see the game another time.

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