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26 December 2005

Xmas Break Program

Taking it easy

That sums it up: I'm taking it easy. After the last weeks of concentrated work and not much else, these days I'm relaxing and not doing much. I've spent the 24th and 25th sleeping, eating, and reading. Now, on the third day of that diet I start to get bored. So I'm commencing to put my program together for the next week. No work means lots of time to do things, not only having time to sleep till noon.

So on my program wish list are a couple of concerts (Jazz, mostly), museums, exhibitions, and visits to the ice rink that is set up at the Zappeio near Syntagma square. It's been years that I've been ice skating and there is no regular ice arena in Athens any more (there used to be two of them, funny as it may seem to strangers). Last year around Christmas time, there was an ice arena too, but the waiting time was about an hour, so I gave up. This years arena is bigger, so hopefully waiting times will be shorter.

As for my program: Tonight I will be likely going to a concert, Paula West at the Half Note Jazz Club. Actually I haven't got a clue and I've never been to that Jazz Club, but I will find out how I like Paula West singing and that Club too. All other pieces of my program will fall into place one by one, real easy.

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