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02 January 2006

Re: A lot of people must have had iPods for Xmas

Is there a real "reset problem" with iPods?

As Tor shows in his post A lot of people must have had iPods for Xmas, he has gotten a lot of referrers from search engines for people looking for phrases like "ipod hard reset". To which I just can add: Me too. "ipod hard reset" and "hard reset ipod" are constantly on the top of my incoming search phrases.

I guess that altogether ipod hard reset related stuff accounts for about 20% of my search phrases. Indeed when searching the major search engine for one of these phrases I am on the first page with the post Re: iPod hard reset and as mentioned in the previous post, that page is way up in my access stats. My post does not even spell out the procedure (Tor has it in his post about the topic). For some time my post was about on place 2 or 3 there, now it went a bit more below.

For me there is no gain, as most (>99%?) of these visitors don't stay on my weblog to see what interesting stuff might be here. And I don't think it's a "christmas only" phenomenon, I think there is a general problem with iPods, more on Windows than on Mac. As Tor says, lots of people got iPods for Christmas, so the problem comes to the surface.

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