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08 January 2006

Shakin' Athens

Another small quake shaking up

Right when I was putting the "vim and Greek" post online, my desk and chair started to shake. At first I thought that my knee had touched the desk (the desk is a bit underengineered), but the movement got stronger. Then I realized: It's an earthquake. I called out to the other people in the flat and we went under a doorframe each [1]. The quake lasted for quite some time, I would guess 20 seconds more or less. The candelier in the living room shook for a long time after that and I thought I'd still felt a tiny little bit of movement even a minute or two later. TV cut its program for a special news bulletin, but they did not have details yet. Nature knocking at civilizations door.

1: The trick with the doorframe is that above the doors there are concrete and steel reinforcements. These could protect you if small pieces of plaster or stones come down (if the quake would get worse).

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Re: Shakin' Athens

Was it your first one? Pretty scary aren't they? I was here in 1999 when the big one hit Athens. Horrible. Thankfully with this one, no damage has been reported and most importantly, no injuries as far as I know.

Posted by: deviousdiva at January 08,2006 18:13
Re: Shakin' Athens

It was my third, no fourth one, I believe. This one was the longest and "shakiest" though. There seems to have been damage on the island of Κύθηρα (Kythira), houses with cracks, a church that is ready to collapse... but as you say, thankfully no injuries.

The quake was reported at 6.4 Richter first, then corrected to 6.7 and finally to 6.9. If something of this strength had been on the surface and on land, we would have had *a lot* of damage.

Posted by: betabug at January 09,2006 09:10
Re: Shakin' Athens

We have felt it as far as Tel Aviv, Israel.
Not as long and strong as you did, but still a reminder how small and fragile this ball we call Earth really is.

Posted by: Reuven at January 10,2006 12:13
Re: Shakin' Athens

So, Greece DOES have something in common with Japan. Earthquakes!
Btw, I received a VERY interesting mail the other day, an article from a guy who is a rescuer... this guy says that taking cover under tables, beds and concrete beams could prove hazardous. He suggested curling up NEXT to the bed, other sturdy pieces of furniture or an inside wall. According to his observations, while there are good chances that if the building collapses and you are under the table, you will be crashed, being NEXT to it gives you better chances of survival since there seems to be a "safe pocket" created there, sometimes big enough to get you unharmed. Needless to say that in all instances you must curl up like an embryon.

Posted by: Scud at January 13,2006 15:12
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