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09 January 2006

Swiss Secret Service and CIA Prisons

Ups, it's in the news now

Everybody in Switzerland knows that the Swiss have a secret service. But we don't expect it to do much more than spy on this countries own citizens and hunt for ghosts of "communists". This morning it turns out they were able to intercept a fax that seems to prove the illegal and secret CIA prisons in eastern Europe (read at the NZZ in german and english). The ministry of defense refuses to comment on the matter since the document is classified as "secret" (but does not deny anything either).

Other parts of "official" Switzerland are boiling up: Possibly transports of prisoners by the americans may have violated Switzerland's neutrality and there is even the general attorney investigating because it may be that someone had illegally worked for a foreign nation. The matter also moves forward investigations for the European Council. Overall I feel proud of this being brought forward by the Swiss papers (even by something as despicable as the "Sonntags-Blick" tabloid). I wish the authorities the courage to stay tough through this. Maybe the neutrality and diplomatic integrity of Switzerland lives up to it's name for once.

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