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12 January 2006

Breaking the Seal

...and this tells us what?

Downstairs from my office there is an insurance company. Or was, since last week I walked up the stairs and noticed a strange white band with wax on their door. I asked someone in our office and indeed the insurance company has been shut down, presumably by the state attorney. Mind you, it's an insurance company, not just an agency. I don't know the full story (so I won't give names), but it seems they were one of the insurance companies that just never paid up. They seem to have gotten a few warnings and now it's shut up. Their office have indeed be sealed shut. My point though is a different one: This morning I came in and one of the seals was broken... now what?

What does that mean? Did someone enter the office without permission? With permission, but not replacing the seal? Did someone in walking by rip off the seal? Or did it just fall off? And even if it came off by accident, someone could have gone in and destroyed records. How is anyone to know these answers, the seal is just an on/off kind of thing. It's still there or it isn't. The state attorney should really be able to deduce some information from the seal. But what exactly would the breaking of the seal mean to him (or her)? Finding out if someone from that company went in and altered or destroyed records is not going to be easy.

All in all I think sealing off the offices is a necessary step, but it works just as long as the seal is still on. In that case it proves (to some degree) that the records inside the offices were not tampered with. But the moment the seal is broken a lot of possibilies are open.

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