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17 January 2006

Sleeping High

Just doubled my space

Yesterday my new bed arrived, had ordered it on Saturday. Lucky me my flatmates were around when the truck came. When I came home from work in the evening I started to assemble the thing, assisted by my gf and my flatmate-grrl (the process reminding me of the SAS guys in Cryptonomicon who assembled the Vickers, a passage that I promptly read this morning in the bus to work, passing the columns of the temple of Zeus near Syntagma square). It all went well, so I spent a night in lofty heights: My new bed is what they call a "Loft Bed", which leads to higher dreams and more space, and some thoughts about Greece and all that...

Which in turn impacts on my life in two ways. First, I'm now sleeping about 1.90m above ground, something I can only vaguely remember from childhood. I'm a tiny bit afraid of heights, so I was not quite sure if this will work for me, but it does, I slept nice and cozy, thank you!

The second part of the change is that now my desk (and some other smaller furniture) is underneath the bed. Available space in my room has almost doubled. Where everything was a bit cramped before, now I have room to move around. It works especially well for me, since I'm trying to live on a small budget (unrelated to how much I earn even), and having only a room in a shared flat instead of renting an apartment is part of that. Now since I use my room more efficiently this is much more enjoyable. In general I enjoy the company that a shared flat brings, and with "more" of my own room it gets even better.

I like rooms wide and airy (must be a result of my father being a photographer with a huge studio, where I spent a lot of time in as a kid). My new room somehow fits in with that, as there is more space now. On the other hand, the bed "up there in the air" takes up some visual space. It's kind of hard to make a picture for example, since everything is close together. I did not expect this to work very well, but till now it works.

My concept of "spending budget only" works especially well in Greece, where traditionally the things of everyday life are cheap, while technology (and imported) stuff is expensive. This compared to Switzerland, where everyday stuff always was kind of expensive, but high tech stuff is always kind of cheaper than other places (e.g. Apple computers being the cheapest there in all Europe, mainly due to lower VAT). Of course Greece has changed and "everyday stuff is cheap" does not always hold true. But I feel it is still possible to get along with a tight budget.

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