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25 January 2006

Snowy Athens

2 meters of snow... in the width - snow in Greece is exceptional!

Yes, it is indeed snowing in the center of Athens. Yesterday I stayed home, because I have a cold and did not want it to get worse. But today I feel a bit better and got bored of staying at home, so I went to work. I had a bit of a delay, since we wanted to be sure there is indeed working public transport (busses and the subway are working just fine). It's not too cold, it's not really too snowy, only thing ugly is that it's a bit wet. On the way to work I took two pictures...

Venizelos in the snow

This picture is on the Vassilissis Sofias avenue, near the Megaron Mousikis (big concert hall). It shows the monument to Eleftherios Venizelos in the snow. As can be seen, it's really snowing, but the snow melts on the roads and sidewalks. Not much danger of falling down or getting up to your knees into snow. The next picture is taken closer to my home. It shows a couple of trees and tropical plants snowed in.

palm trees in snow around Athens

The situation here is mostly funny for me. Most Greeks (or rather Athenians) have very little experience with snow. They overreact a bit. Since the cars do not have M+S tires, it's probably a good idea that they leave them parked. The roads are much more empty than usual. Even in the subway there are less people. Looks like most people stay at home along with their cars. Schools and universities are closed, to the delight especially of university students, since currently they have exams. Lots of shops are closed too, either because the shopowners prefer to stay home, or else because they expect no business since everybody else is staying at home.

Up in northern Greece and in any parts of the country with mountains, there is of course more snow. But I don't really worry, since the people there are also much more adapted to the climate. It's only Athenians and the news that make a big deal out of it. For example in any weather forecasts they always show the pictures with the worst storms they can find, no matter if that matches with what the weather is supposed to be like. All day long currently TV repeats showing snowed in roads and cars. They just blow it out of proportion. Yesterday they even attacked one of the official weather service people, because it wasn't as cold as promised. Too bad for the news headlines.

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Re: Snowy Athens

You are absolutely right!!!

Posted by: George at February 08,2007 09:54
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