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31 January 2006

Awaiting Home Connection

Getting Internet at home finally

Yesterday I got a phone call from Vivodi. Looks like today a technician should show up at my home, installing ADSL (a meager 256/128k line) and phone service. It's been a looooong time that I had proper Internet access at home. Now of course there is still the chance that the technician will say something like "Oh, your [something] is not [like I expected | as it should be | as we always do it | the way I like it] here. And besided I did not have coffee yet. I will come back next month." So let's cross fingers and see what we get.

Next step will then be: How to get the connection to all the flatmates and to my room (which is on the other end of the flat from the likely location of the connection). Wireless? Ethernet over power line? Stringing a cable? We'll see.

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