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06 February 2006

Looking For (English) Bookshops Again

Science Fiction isn't what they think

Saturday's nice weather found us going into the center of Athens, looking for bookstores with English language books again. On the "athensguide" web site I had found a mention of a shop called Compendium (or Compendeum) which we looked for on Nikis Street (near Syntagma square), but it was gone. No link to that page, as it is outdated, should be either updated or removed. Next to where that shop was, there is a branch of Eleftheroudakis, but only with a small English section. We went on to the "big" Ελευθερουδάκης (Eleftheroudakis) on Panepistimiou street (which got relabelled to Eleftheros Venizelos street btw)...

Eleftheroudakis is really the first name people give you for English books in Athens. They have one floor of English books we are told. We arrived there and found the "English" floor in the mezzanine (labeled floor 1/2), so I joked that in truth they have only half a floor really. It turned out that they have a lot of English books, but either there aren't that many, or else their selection isn't to my tastes. I had a hard time to find something I like. Annoyed the crap out of my gf while I made up my mind, again and again.

Not Science Fiction

Oh, and did I mention that they have no clue what Science Fiction is? For starters: The Lord of The Rings is not Science Fiction. Marion Zimmer Bradley is not Science Fiction. Anything with swords and dragons is not Science Fiction. Anything with fairies and knights is not Science Fiction. I wouldn't mind so much if they put all the fantasy stuff into the SF section (because they were too bored to slap on another label on the shelves), but did carry some science fiction. But the only thing actually belonging into the SF section was Isaac Asimov, plus one or two stray space opera pulp novels. That's just not doing it.

See also: The list of all "my" English language book shops in Athens.

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Re: Looking For (English) Bookshops Again

My dear Sascha, I finally came to visit your interesting blog! Nice try, it is of my liking! Thanx for putting a link for my blog and I am looking forward to tell me your impressions about my poetry blog "The Write Stuff!" when you feel confident in Greek! (No terms similar to Zolotas' speech I promise!) As for another English speaking well informed bookstore in the area of Athens, why don't you try "The Leader Books" in Tsoha street, Ambelokipoi neighbourhood, at the opposite of Panathinaikos football stadium, nearby the Metro. I used to visit it often when I was attending College. An other top selection is "Papasotiriou" bookstore in Stournari & Patision Street nearby Polytehnio. Have you checked it out yet? Nice to hear from you the other day, take care and have a nice weekend, M.

Posted by: Marialena at February 10,2006 15:29
Re: Looking For (English) Bookshops Again

Hey Marialena, finally I managed to pass by there. Short version: They don't have any english books any more. It was a nice little excursion though, Ambelokipoi isn't far from my place.

Posted by: betabug at June 09,2006 09:02
Re: Looking For (English) Bookshops Again

hello sascha,
i was searching for english bookshops in athens and saw your blog. i still havent managed to find anything ... although i was acually hoping to find a second-hand english bookshop (just to make it even easier :) ).
so, now ive decided to explore the option of finding sites that sell english books and ship them to athens, without charging the earth.
not as good as physically being able to browse, but there you go....

Posted by: stella at July 20,2007 11:30
Re: Looking For (English) Bookshops Again

Hello Stella,

Sometimes the used book shops near Monastiraki/Thision have a few used english books. Other than that you could have a look at the local Bookcrossing folks . As for online book shops, apart from the usual suspects like both Eleftheroudakis and Papasotiriou have online shops that carry english books too.

Good luck, Sascha

Posted by: betabug at July 20,2007 11:42
Re: Looking For (English) Bookshops Again

Why don't you try Protoporia (Gravias 3) and Public (Syntagma Sq.)?

Posted by: Hermione at December 10,2009 21:59
Re: Looking For (English) Bookshops Again

Hermione, I'll give them a try one of these days!

Posted by: betabug at December 11,2009 09:21
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