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07 February 2006

Vodafone Suicide Rumours: Weird Last Mails

Some rumours to go with the phone tapping scandal in Greece

Let's play rumourmill for a moment: Just talked to a friend who is working in the telecoms industry here in Greece. He's not working for Vodafone (nor was he ever), but he had heard from the suicide of the Vodafone employee (the one who seems connected to the phone tapping scandal)... back last September or October.

At his company they had a lot of work and when they started to yammer about "management is killing us with all the work", someone told the story of the Vodafone employee in the manner of "look what work can do to you". So far ok, but the interesting thing is that he heard back then that the Vodafone employee in question had sent mails out to his coworkers the evening "before" in the form of "you will have to do this", "please do that", etc., and another mail to his supervisor "we won't be speaking tomorrow morning".

Now doesn't that send a nice rumoury shiver down your spine? Of course this is all hearsay, so don't take my word for anything.

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