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11 February 2006

Greek Mac User Sunday

HelMUG meetings in Athens and Thessaloniki

This sunday we will have HelMUG meetings in the two biggest cities of Greece: At 12:00 in Athens (Flocafe Thission), and at 17:00 in the "Clocks" in Thessaloniki. These are relaxed meetings in a Cafeteria, no speeches or presentations, no protocol, just a bunch of people hanging out and talking the Mac talk. Since the weather turned nice again, we will possibly be sitting outside. And since I am in Athens, I will go to Thission. If you are around this sunday and want to pass by, consider yourself invited! The meetings are open to non-members too.

The guys from Thessaloniki plan to do a live streaming of their meeting. To do this we (the admins who look after the HelMUG server) will have to setup the QuickTime Streaming Server. We haven't done this before, so we have some QTSS RTFM to do. If we can pull it off in time, I will post a link here, so stay tuned.

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Re: Greek Mac User Sunday

Good Morning. I was a Helmug member a few years ago, but living up in Kavala really limited my participation. Now that EXIN Thessaloniki closed I have lost my technical help and was wondering if you know where Thalia Constantinidou might be working? I would like to get a techie (fee Paid) to help me set up a LAN connected to the ADSL Internet. I just bought a Mini, Have a G4 Tower, and a G4 iBook. Do you kow anybody who would be willing to take on the assignment? Jim from Kavala

Posted by: Jim at February 16,2007 11:00
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