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12 February 2006

Sunshine with HelMUG, Darkness with QTSS

Always an experience

So I went to see the HelMUG crowd today. We sat in a Cafeteria in the sun. The sun was nice, but the wind was cold, when we left we were all frozen up. Still it was nice to see them again and talk about Macs and the club. We definitely should find a good location and start making fixed meetings once a month. With all the hype about the phone tapping, it would be a good chance to give an introduction to PGP for example :-) On the way there I took a fitting image... and then we tried to stream the meeting in Thessaloniki to the 'net...

American Embassy in Athens with Vodafone Advertising on Kiosk

The american embassy together with an advertisment for prepaid phone cards from Vodafone (on a kiosk opposite the embassy). This reminded me that I should really give an introduction talk about PGP for HelMUG some day.

In the afternoon I tried together with macgiorgosgr from HelMUG to get the meeting in Thessaloniki to be streamed through the club's QuickTime Streaming Server. The first problem was that the QTSS would not start, neither in Server Admin (the control would always bounce back to "Start Service") nor from the command line (still reported as "STOPPED"). Noticing the processes in the pid file still running and looking at the error log file, it seemed that the admin interface thought the service is down, while the processes were either running or stuck. I shot down the processes and then the QTSS started. That way I managed from home to grab one of the sample movies off the server.

But the .sdp file that holds the connection information to stream from the onsite cam would not stream. Accessing it, QuickTime Player reported a 404 Not Found error. While kicking around with the server, trying to get this going, we also ran into the problem that we could access the QTSS admin webinterface, but could not get past the login screen, the password I had configured just wasn't accepted. Sometimes it's just all at once. When we noticed that one possible problem point was the locations router likely not letting the incoming traffic through, we gave up. That was a pitty, since there were lots of people there, I would have liked a look at the party action.

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