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24 February 2006

Not Seeing Salif Keita in Athens

I prefer to remember the old times

Saw some posters on bus stations, Salif Keita is coming to Athens. He has concerts in Thessaloniki and in Athens, each in the respective Megaron Mousikis. The Athens Megaron Mousikis is the biggest and shiniest music hall for classical music here. I understand that these are a "Stop AIDS" concerts. Some Information from the Megaro Mousikis website (in Greek, direct link, because the website of Megaron Mousikis is plain unusable). The prices are very steep (starting from 40 Euro and going up to 300 Euro for VIP tickets). I'm just not going to do that, no matter that I really like Salif Keita's music.

I have seen and heard Salif Keita play life in Athens before. It was back somewhere in 1988, in a big open air concert on the beach in Kalamaki. It was a wonderfull night filled with some of the best african bands. There were a few african immigrants too, back then these were still very few and likely all of them who were able to raise the money for tickets were there. I had left at 5 in the morning to go home and sleep, even though the concert was still going. Lucky me I lived just a 5 minutes walk from the concert beach. When I briefly woke up around 8 in the morning I still heard them play. I will always remember that concert. Please excuse me Salif Keita, but I will continue remembering you in that concert. I don't think a lot of the african immigrants today in Athens can raise 40, 70, or even 90 Euro for a ticket. Also: How appropriate is a classical music concert hall for this music?

P.S.: Woody Allen had played with his big band in the Megaron Mousikis some time ago too. Tickets started around 240 Euro and went up to 360 Euro. This is around half of a monthly salary for "normal" jobs here. And it wasn't even a benefit concert. I've heard that Woody has some psychological problems, and given these circumstances I might believe that.

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