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03 February 2005

Zope, Formulator, Localization, UTF-8, and... searching for a Solution

All the family united in a nice information hunt

Sometimes searching for a solution to a technical problem on the web is an endless stretch of pain. I was working on a small Zope project, when I ran into a problem with... (who would have guessed it) UTF-8 encoding. I had that project set up just like it should be done (Zope Page Templates (ZPT), Python, Formulator, Localizer, TranslationService), everything was working nice and dandy. And then along comes a small problem that turns out to be a real showstopper. Spent hours and hours searching. In those situations I just can't give up. When I finally found the solution, long after I had gone home, I promised myself to write a solution report on my page, so others will find it. Stay tuned.

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