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01 March 2006

Current Weather in Greece on Weblog

Let you see what spring is like

Commemorating the fine weather (like spring on the first of march, sunny 13 Celsius in the morning), I've installed two little weather applets in the lower right corner of the main weblog page. They show the current temperature and via the picture the weather condition for Athens and Limnos, courtesy of Weather Underground.

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Re: Current Weather in Greece on Weblog

Good morning Sacha & Happy March 1st! The weather bugs look nice on your blog ;-}
Hope you'll have a good time during the Carnival long weekend and be in the mood for the festivities! M.

Posted by: Marialena at March 01,2006 11:49
Re: Current Weather in Greece on Weblog

Hello Marialena! Thanks for the kind words! I had a really good time at the Carnival. As you can see from the latest entries, I went to Patras and took part in the parade :-)

Posted by: betabug at March 06,2006 17:54
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