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03 March 2006

US Ex-Diplomat Points Finger at CIA for Phone Tapping

Behind the Vodafone scandal could be "only one organization"

An american ex-diplomat points his finger at the CIA (and the americans in general) for the source of the phone tapping. A diplomat who had a name to be "considered one of the good experts on problems of the Middle East and the Arab world with 20 years of service in the diplomatic corps" (Athens News Agency). But also a diplomat who (according to the same ANA bulletin) resigned in opposition to the US governments handling of the Iraq crisis. The article by John Brady Kiesling in "The Nation" has some good points, but relies on the same stuff everyone else reads in the news.

What Kiesling can add with authority is the background of the "modus operandi" of the american diplomacy and secret services, quote from the artice in The Nation:

"only one organization still cares about the electrician whose brother-in-law was implicated in the 1975 murder of CIA station chief Richard Welch by the terrorist group called 17 November"

Especially Kiesling's analysis of the victim list is interesting. He seems to be certain that it can only point to the US. He also gives a good analysis about the reasons the Greek government tries to downplay both any accusations towards the US and of the phone tapping scandal in general. Quote:

"In espionage scandals it is the victim who gets punished. Failure to preserve the national dignity against foreigners is a hanging offense in every political system in the world."

What will certainly deny Kiesling recognition in this field is his political stand: Both the article and the surroundings of the publication in "The Nation" show this to be a piece of the opposition in the USA. The "america believers" both in the US and in Greece will see him as a traitor to his own country. Myself I found the reasoning expressed in the article to be very insightful, even though I would not count it as a proven fact now.

(And no, I'm not turning this into a political and/or link blog. Next post will likely be back to my private stuff :-)

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