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Carnival Parade

Sweety, sweaty

So this is how we are dressed up, sweet cakes! The picture is taken right before the parade. I jumped and danced all through the parade.

Looks like I als appeared on TV, a team asked me a few questions about our costumes. Now our group went to a cafeteria where the party continues. But right now I need a break, I'm... cake.

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Re: Carnaval Parade

What carnaval is that? Why cream cakes?

Posted by: Reuven at March 05,2006 13:37
Patras Carnaval

Hi Reuven!

It's the carnaval in Patras. This weekend was the final weekend of their carnaval season. That's why there were those big parades, with thousands of people.

Why cream cakes? Actually I don't know, it wasn't my idea. I joined in this group through my ex-flatmate who is from Patras. This group was one of the smaller ones, about 30 members, compared to some groups with officially up to 300 (inofficially up to 2000) members.

I don't think the costume theme has a deeper meaning. It's all just fun. Our costume left people with a good impression, they liked it. Lot's of people wanted to try the cake and I had to pose for a lot of pictures with little children.

Posted by: betabug at March 06,2006 12:04
Re: Carnival Parade

Hey Sascha,
wir sind gut angekommen. Es schneit seit drei Tagen. Mach das das aufhört.

Grüße aus Berlin

Posted by: Toni at March 12,2006 22:29
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