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13 March 2006

December Party Pictures

That was my/our Birthday Bash

Last December we had a combined birthday party here at TEH FLAT(tm). Some cool people came over and we drank and talked all night. After a long wait my friend Panos (libero of HelMUG fame) has provided us with some pictures. Enjoy!

That's me, doing the airplane. I wasn't really drunk yet, but maybe I tried to look like it.

Lot's of good people came to visit us and we had an easy good time.

Mary and me. I need a shave.

Some of our guests, the flash light made them look a bit tired. I swear they had an interesting conversation that very moment!

More guests, some of them even smiling for the camera!

We had visitors from The Garage too, and they seem to have had a good time.

What is a birthday party without a good birthday cake (or two)? Here one of them is being brought in.

And here we see Eleni working hard to get her secret birthday wish come true. Maybe taking it a bit easier on that smoking habit helps next year!

While I had no problem with my own candles (on my own cake!) especially since my age was encoded in decimal and binary on there -- the binary is hard to spot though.

As ususal, click on the images to see a bigger version and use the back button to come back to see them all. See you next year at the party, thanks for coming over!

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