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17 March 2006

Movie Theater Cell Phone Jamming

We're jamming, yeah!

Bruce Schneier linked to a weblog entry about the movie theater industry in the US asking for cell phone jammers. Greece has one of the highest density of cell phones, but you don't hear a ring in a cinema very often. People aren't usually very considerate here either. I believe cell phone jammers are here already. Not in every cinema, but in some cinemas you just don't get a signal. Not that they are in remote areas, right in the center of Athens. I don't know if they use high tech solutions (maybe in some of the larger movie theaters), or if they did some homebrew faradays cage style insulation. But it's common enough that a couple of people around me have noticed.

When you do get a signal in a cinema it's common to hear about one phone call during a movie (when the theater is full). But they cut it short because they want to see the film. Greeks also aren't above telling the guy (or gal) in question to "voulose'to" ("stuff it up"). Without happening what happened to an Australian tourist in the US: She just touched the disturbing caller on the top of the arm to tell her to quiet it... she got charged for "disorderly conduct" and fined $675.

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