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25 March 2006

iTunesDB Gone Foobar

All songs still on disk, but nothing shows up

Yesterday afternoon my iPod went Foobar [1] all of a sudden. All songs are still on the disk, but the library that holds all the information (where each song is etc.) is gone. Disk repair and even DiskWarrior were no help (the file is there, it's just wrong) and a look into the hidden configuration directory shows the iTunesDB file to be abnormally small. No backup file around either (there should be one next to the one in use). Damned. Searching on the web the only solution seems to be to restore the iPod (which erases everything) and to load the songs back to the iPod from iTunes. Since I sync my stuff manually (from home and work) it will take me some time to get the little white muzak box back to order. So much for using a closed format DB file, dear Apple...

[1]: And for our non-techies, FOOBAR stands for F* Up Beyond All Repair (or Recognition). See the defintion of foo from the "jargon file" for some background.

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