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26 March 2006

Evening Window Shopping Walk on Ermou

A small relaxing walk through Athens center

Some catching up with the weekend's events: Friday evening was relatively warm and nice outside, so we wanted to take a little walk. Our choice was to go from Syntagma Square down Ermou street to the Monastiraki metro station... for window shopping.

We took the metro to Syntagma, crossed the square and walked up Ermou street. The square is well lit and populated even in the later evening hours. Greeks like to go out and now that the unpopular winter weather is mostly gone, people are out on the street. The place looked a bit empty to me, but that was just me. The last time I've been there in the evening was in the pre-christmas season. The square was really crowded then and brightly decorated too.

Crossing the street on the "lower" side of the square to Ermou street is a bit of a hassle. The pedestrians light turns to "red" much too fast. But the shear mass of the pedestrians counteracts that, we all just keep walking no matter how red the light has turned, and the automobilists can't really run over 50 people at once.

Once on Ermou things get much more relaxed, no cars on Ermou. This is one place where you can lazily stroll all across the street and look at the shop windows. Ermou is mostly clothes and shoes. There used to be textiles too, but those moved to locations with cheaper rent. You can stroll on Ermou on Saturday afternoon too, but then you will have to share the street with thousands of others, the place gets crowded with shoppers.

I like the atmosphere on Ermou in the late evenings. It's more or less silent, with still some street musicians around. There are people around, so it's not frightening (even if I was the type to be frightened). Everything is well lit too and even though the boutiques are closed, some cafes and bars are open.

We did not see a car almost till Monastiraki, where the traffic free zone ends. We turned to the left there and approached the metro station on the Monastiraki square through the tourists food street. I got me two "kalamakia" (souvlaki without the pita bread to those less familiar with Greek traditional fast food), an excellent little meal which I downed before we went home by metro.

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