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29 March 2006

Spring and Comics at the Park

From last Sunday afternoon
Flowers at the Parko Eleftherias

This is a picture from last Sunday. We went to the Parko Eleftherias, sat in the grass and read newspapers in the sun. Watched playing children. Just as relaxing as you can get in the neighbourhood. The flowers have been set in a short while ago, I've seen the job from the bus. It didn't look like municipal people, more like a neighbourhood group.

Then we wandered over to the small culture center in the park. They had the "international realistic comic festival" there. Which sounds much bigger than it is. It's just a hall with comics on the wall and some talks. I understand the program is on If you are into comics, the "festival" is still up a few days, till April 1st, go have a look, admission is free. The comics are of course the serious kind, not the Micky Mouse variety, that's why it's called "realistic". I liked the comics good enough, though I wondered a bit of the use of showing them in an exhibition. Some of them were obviously originals, and seeing the work of the artist more "up personal" was indeed interesting.

Back to Athens: Spring is here. It's not so much the weather (warmer all the time), but much more the smell. Ever heard them tell "the air smells like spring"? It does now.

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