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04 April 2006

More Pictures From Hydra

And some thoughts too

Some more impressions and pictures of last weekends tripp to the island of Hydra. I have some more photos from our hike up to Προφήτη Ηλίας (Profiti Ilias) monastery and from the town. They come together with the usual lame comments...

Streets to the measure of man and donkey

The most noteable and obvious fact about the island of Hydra is that there ar no cars or bikes. Some of the townspeople complained to us about that, but we enjoyed the side effects of it very much. Appart from everything being quieter, everything is also more relaxed. You get a different rhythm when you don't hop in and out of a car all the time (or try to avoid being run over by cars). As seen in the picture, the streets of Hydra are made to the measure of man and donkey. Cars couldn't go over those steps.

The street with the blue flowerpots

This street had wonderful blue flowerpots and assorted other decorative objects. You just don't get streets like these when there are cars parked everywhere. Not far from this place (nothing is really far from this place, it's a small town) is the restaurant κρυφό λημάνι (kryfo limani, hidden harbour) where we came back to eat, since we liked it so much in our first visit. I can especially recommend the "black eyed bean salad".

Donkey sized access road

Lot's of the "roads" are just small access ways to houses more up the hill. They are obviously sized to exactly allow a packed donkey to pass.

Bigger street in Hydra

And another street, this one is one of the bigger "main streets". It's pretty empty at the time of day. We trotted down this one a lot, since it leads to the Hotel Dina, where we lodged.

Look at the town and harbour from above the path

On saturday we took a looong hike up to the monastery of Profiti Ilias. Some web sites mention this as a 45 minutes walk. But it's more like 1.5 hours and if you are not used to rough stairs and the heat, it's more like 2+ hours. Bring enough water too! This is a view from about half up over the town and the harbour.

This picture on the right is already from the way down, it shows something of the atmosphere and the vegetation.

The door to the monastery View from the hike down

When we finally reached the monastery, we found it to be closed. But the monks had left a door to an anteroom open and offered water and loukoumia to the thirsty and hungry travelers. The view from up there is great too.

On the way back we enjoyed the great view again.

And then, back in the harbour of Hydra, we discovered these cats. There was a shop that was being redecorated, a lot of material was "parked" overnight in the street. These cats found the metal racks to be a decent sleeping place.

Cats in the box


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Re: More Pictures From Hydra

Sascha goodmorning! Hope you've recovered from your sunburn by now. Beautiful pictures and the text that accompanies them. What a beautiful springtime it is in Greece, isn't it?

Kalimera, Marialena

Posted by: Marialena at April 05,2006 09:39
Re: More Pictures From Hydra

Yes, it's wonderful in spring! My preferred season (except maybe for the summer vacation time :-) Sunburn wasn't that bad after all, it just took a lot of drinking (water!) to counter the dehydration and some rest. Since it was this years first chance to get some sun on me I did not notice the signs that tell me where to stop.

Hmm, looks like I forgot to put the greek name for the φασόλια μαυρομάτικα (black eyed beans) into the text. I have no idea who gave them the black eye, but I wonder how the other guy looks now :-)

Posted by: betabug at April 05,2006 10:10
Re: More Pictures From Hydra

That green and rocky path, with yellow flowers looks like a portion of "my" island. :-)

Posted by: Rodolfo Gouveia at April 05,2006 18:49
Re: More Pictures From Hydra

Heeey, gits ja nöd! No än zweite heimliche Griech idä Schwiiz wo di richtig schöne Siite vo Greece kännt (und nöd nur die Touri-Ort).

Bin au än riese Fan vo Athen, Hydra, Antipaxos, usw. Vilicht trifft mer sich mal zum chli schwiizerdüütsch parliere. ;-)


Posted by: Sandro at May 29,2007 11:19
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