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06 April 2006

My Bus to Work

What makes an everyday's thing special

My bus to work is pretty average in that it crosses town, is sometimes crowded, sometimes almost empty and comes by reliable every day (except on strikes) in reasonable intervals. What makes it special are some small things: First of all, some of the busses have a system that announces stops with a recorded voice. This is likely supposed to be working in all busses (they have speakers), but I observe it in working order only in one (or a couple?) of the busses on one of the two lines I can take. It sure would be usefull for visitors

The other thing that makes it special is the route it takes. It's almost a sightseeing tour. I can see the Acropolis (especially nice in the evening), the Zeus temple, Lycabettus, and the Stadium. Actually there is a real sightseeing line (Nr. 400) of the Athens busses, which goes along a piece of the same roads.

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