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28 April 2006

Stray Grain Movie

V For Vendetta

It's been some weeks since I've seen the movie "V for Vendetta" in the cinema. As with most movies I thought about writing a review, but as also with most movies I didn't, because it's low on my priority list, compared to writing about things that make my life here special. Now DeviousDiva posted some thoughts on the superhero comic the film is based on, so I might as well share some thoughts...

I didn't know what to expect. For a long time I did not consider seeing the movie, because I wasn't keen on yet another big production and I couldn't see the story, and I despise that thing called "vendetta". Then I heard that it was a science fiction movie. It's been a long time since I've seen a Science Fiction movie, and being a true geek, I love Science Fiction. So in we went.

OK, let's skip the plot summary, actor / camera / music criticism. What I thought when I left the movie was: This film stands completely across the current political climate. In our real life you have politicians who try to impose more and more control (still under the label of freedom and democracy). The film depicts a fictional England gone out of control and turned into a fascist, totalitarian state. In our real life the police and the politicians can pull off whatever they want once they use the magic word "terrorism". In the movie the male hero is just that a terrorist. And the female here becomes more or less that in the end. Or are they freedom fighters? Well, one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.

Still I don't think the movie could have come over too well with the current political "leaders". Attacking and killing the president of the country... In some countries (not mentioning names, but usually referred to by a three letter acronym) even expressing such ideas can get you in trouble, even into jail. Blowing up stuff. Blowing up buildings with a huge load of homemade explosives out of fertilizers. Oklahoma anyone?

I don't remember the quote Diva gave in her post. I don't think it made it into the movie. The film shows a lot of the conflict of the totalitarians against people who are "different" - gays, lesbians, muslims get special mention. But the conflicts are always shown in a placative manner, with few silent, introspective moments. After all it's a movie, we are waiting for the next special effect big bang. The whole movie is cross in a world of shallow entertainment and hidden political agendas.

As for the movie as a movie: I'm not a critic, so just some thoughts. I couldn't help think about the budget saved by having the male hero wear a mask all the time. Sure saved them from having to pay a high profile actor I thought, and the thought persisted so much I sometimes thought about it while watching. I remember the camera and visual language as generally pleasant and atmospheric. For me the drama and inner conflict of the characters was spoiled a lot by the superhero stuff. Whenever things get tight, just bring in those superhero powers. What I want to see from Science Fiction is how normal, "real" people can get it off in a fictional situation. The superhero stuff wasn't on the level of "hey, look at this superpower guy, whatever he can do" either. Stuck in the middle somewhere.

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