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30 April 2006

A Short Work Week After Easter

Back to work after traveling

It's been a short work week since I came back from my trip to Limnos. I came home Tuesday morning around 7. After traveling over night on the ship and not sleeping well this time, I was too dizzy and tired to go to work as planned. So I took another day off and stayed in bed. Good decision, since when I came to work on Wednesday I was able to dig into the job again.

It seems it had done me good being away for a few days, exercising in the fresh air, seeing the sea, seeing my friends from the village. Also I wasn't so long away as to loose my general train of thought at work. Despite having something of a turmoil in my personal life, I managed to get forward in our project. We are getting real close to reach our next milestone and that feels good.

This weekend is a three day weekend too, since May 1st is a day off work. Would be nice to make a short excursion too, but the weather isn't like that at all. It's cloudy and at times rainy. So time to stay home, relax, write a bit of something and maybe read a good book.

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