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14 May 2006

Sun, Sea, and Turtles in Glyfada

Sea breeze on Sunday

Took the tram to Glyfada today, was in need of some fresh air and a look at the waves. First thing I noticed upon arrival: Should have brought my swimming trunks. The sea was very inviting. Not too cold either. We took a little walk along the coastline instead. By chance we walked into the Greek sea turtle rescue center...

This is something like a hospital for sea turtles. It's run by a volunteer organization called ARCHELON. Wounded and sick sea turtles from all over Greece are brought here. The turtles are medically treated and rehabilitated. Then they are released to the wild again. The length of their stay depends on circumstances, but we heard about one example of a patient who stayed there for three years. One of the volunteers showed us around, explained how the place works, and told us some of the turtle's stories.

After that visit we went to eat something in Glyfada, then to sit a bit in the sun at the beach. We stayed all the afternoon. Glyfada has changed since I have last been there, but that was no surprise. What hasn't changed is some of the funny greek-american atmosphere. It's one of the main places in Athens to see greek american kids speak half Greek half English. They have "Canadian home made ice cream" and we saw a BMW with New York license plates.

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