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17 May 2006

Calculate it in a Spreadshit!

My newest baby-meme!

From #zope on

16:24 < betabug> my python can't calculate
16:25 < betabug> adding up a sum of numbers it returns 0.0000324074 - 
       while the result is 1.1749300347 according to a spreadshit 
       (and according to a look at the numbers)
16:25 < betabug> hmm, spreadshit is a rather nice typo
16:26 < g0dil> *grin*
16:32  * betabug wonders how foobared 7 lines of code really can get
16:34 < blaamann_home> He he...spreadshit
16:35  * betabug feels like he just founded another successfull 
So from now on, please calculate your monthly performance plans in a nice spreadshit!

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