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24 May 2006

Burning Chrome

Short stories by William Gibson, the heat is on

Short stories are not my thing usually. I want a book to develop a complete story, and when it's good, I want a book to be as long as possible, so I can stay and dive into the world. I bought William Gibson's short story collection "Burning Chrome" out of desire for completeness. I'm a Gibson fanboy. When I read them the first time, I liked them good enough, but they were short stories. Gibson is tense. More so in the short stories. Since they are some of his earlier works, they are also a bit more rough sometimes. A few days ago I picked them up again, and this time around, I'm really enjoying the read.

I'm reading them in the bus, at the bus station, mostly. Started with Johnny Mnemonic. Wanted to re-read it as soon as I was finished. It's really good, only I would like more of it. In Athens the heat has set in now. The first heat, we're going for the 30s, in summer we will be going for the 40s (Celsius, that is).

Yesterday I took a bus where the air-conditioning was on, this morning it wasn't. Yesterday on the way home I started on "The Winter Market". Gone through that this morning and read through the first page or so of "Burning Chrome", the title story. Being a true addict to Gibson's language, I think "Burning Chrome" is as cool a title as they come. So I couldn't resist using it for this entry.

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