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29 May 2006

Mix Some More... Mixminion

Type III remailer, alpha but easier

In my search for knowledge about Mixmaster, I discovered the successor to the anonymous remailer software: Mixminion. Mixminion is what they call a "Type III" remailer, whereas Mixmaster is Type II. The minion is trying to solve some of the problems with the old system. Even though it is still in alpha stage, it already solves one of my big problems with the old software, Mixminion is already much easier to use in some respects. For one thing it is smart enough to download the necessary stat files itself, also it's much easier to compile.

The Mixminion code is in large part written in Python, which makes it mucho sympatico to me. It also improves my ability to read the code, and maybe I could even contribute something. Development seems to be active. The software is still in a testing stage though and should not be used for sensitive usage where your anonymity really matters. There is a developer mailing list and there seem to be about 40 servers already online, a lot of them with very good uptime and latency values. I think that easier usable software leads to more reliability. Once Mixminion will be mature software, these numbers will improve even more.

Others seem to have noted the same (or similar) things I wrote about the usability of Mixmaster. Ethan Zuckerman writes about it in Anonymity and Usability - beyond oil and water. His post gives real world background, he is working with some people who may sometimes need anonymity to survive.

Another interesting reference is the Privacy BOX project from italian cypherpunks. It's a ready made little box with a complete privacy setup, from a Mixmaster/Mixminion remailer, to a Tor node, and even a firewall setup for your home, so you can install it at home and run it alongside with your home network.

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Re: Mix Some More... Mixminion

For your experimentation with Mixminion, you might find "Mixminion Message Sender" usefull. I wrote it to keep from having to do everything on the command line when I was experimenting with Mixminion.

You can get it at

there is the beginnings of a tcl/tk cross-platform version.

Posted by: Ed at September 14,2006 19:28
Re: Mix Some More... Mixminion

Ed, had to correct your URL's, you had left out an "r" :-) In the process I also activated the links, so people can get there easier.

As for myself, I ike the command line... :-)

Posted by: betabug at September 15,2006 09:41
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