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06 June 2006

Just a lazy update

"Best Of", Summer, RSS and COREBlog

Just a small update, as I'm not too creative today (outside of work at least, work hax0ring goes fine, thank you). I've been playing around with my COREBlog setup lately, which is the software this weblog runs on. The changes amount to lotsa links in post pages, updated "Best Of" links, and redesigned and validated RSS feeds. If you feel bored, here are some more details...

The post pages got links to the last few posts and to the "Best Of" posts now. The reason is simply that I have some posts that get a lot of traffic from search engines and exterior links, but these visitors don't stay. So with those links maybe they see something else too.

While I was at it I also updated the "Best Of" sidebox. In February Bruce Schneier linked to my post about the phone tapping scandal here in Greece, which generated a huge spike in traffic for that post. In February that page got hit 9636 times, and the traffic can still be seen trickling in. The post also generated some follow-ups. These have their own little success stories. Another little spike was my "Do you use PGP?" post, which I linked to in a slashdot comment. Result: 1400 pageviews in 5 days. Another "Best Of" post was already on the list, but got picked up for real by the search engines lately for real: "How to get to Limnos" starts to be found by people who really look for transport to that beautiful island. Nice.

Last thing, I redecorated and relabeled the RSS links. They have their own little sidebox now, with a fancy logo even. Also I tried to describe the features they offer, the 1.0 feed has excerpts of the posts text, while the 0.91 feed has only the titles. Both feeds validate now with, something I should have managed a long time ago, but there seem to have been some tomatoes on my eyes.

In other news, today was this years first day for me to wear shorts to go to work. Looks like summer is really here :-).

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