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09 February 2005

The OTE Notwork

Special features of a telecom monopoly

Just as I was browsing onto the site of an Open Source Digital Assets Management solution (I'm looking for a good one), the network connection went down. The first moment when the second page not loaded, I thought: "Not really the kind of responsiveness I expect from someone building a server." But then I noticed that the ADSL line at the place was down. I went on a short hunt, but could not find any fault on our side. So someone called OTEnet (the internet subcompany of the Greek telecom monopoly OTE). We did not have much hope, as their usual response is: "One of our technicians will look into it in the next 5 days."

Surprise, surprise: A prerecorded message informed us that ADSL service all over Athens is down. Since all ISPs (except one) who offer ADSL service run over the OTE lines, this means that really all ADSL all over Athens was down. In unrelated news, in a house well known to me (but no names mentioned to protect the innocent) OTE shut down telephone service because of unpaid bills. (The reason for the unpaid bills being more lazyness and shoddyness than lack of money.) I wonder if some technician made a mistake and shut down the greater Athens ADSL network instead of that phone number. The result is all the same: I'm moblogging over GPRS.

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