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18 June 2006

Turtles in the National Garden

turtles in the Athens national garden

Turtles in the Athens National Garden. They have a big basin, with places to climb out and lay in the sun. Picture is still from last weeks walk. There are lots of them together, when one goes closer to the basin, some of them swim over to have a look at you.

They are the ones with the red spots in the face (too lazy to look up the family name now), and they're quite big, some of them are probably 20cm or more in length. AFAIR these turtles live in hot climate in their natural surroundings, so Athens should be a perfect place for them.

I especially enjoyed looking at their swimming patterns, how they move their feet. Every foot kicks on it's own, it's (for example) front right, back left, front left, back right. If they are not in a hurry, each movement is very distinctly on its own.

Update: "Red-eared Slider" or "Trachemys scripta elegans", that seem to be their official names.

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Re: Turtles in the National Garden

Wow, thanks for your comment on my blog. I pray for the day when I can speak Greek well enough to write my blog in it! Kudos!!

Posted by: BigFatGreekBlogger at June 21,2006 15:56
Re: Turtles in the National Garden

Hey BigFatGreekBlogger, I think this was your blog: right? Glad you started writing there again!

To tell you the truth, I get help whenever I write in Greek. I do write it all myself, but I give it to Mary for corrections and I rely a lot on the spell checker. :-)

Posted by: betabug at June 21,2006 16:08
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