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23 June 2006

Note to People who follow RSS

Is your refresh time reasonable?

If you have a feed reader, please take a moment and think if your refresh / update interval is set reasonable. I'm doing at most a post every day, so is it really necessary to check back every 10-15 minutes (or - ugh - every 5 minutes like someone once did)? It's not like my stuff is that urgent or something, or like I'm such a celebrity :-). Setting the interval to once an hour should be good enough.

While you're at it maybe look at the settings for some other of your subscribed blogs too, maybe you can save someone some extra traffic. Thanks for listening!

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Re: Note to People who follow RSS

Here is a quick tip: don't set a timely refresh on your feed reader. It's like your mail client. Checking mail every x minutes doesn't do any good to your concentration unless you are going to read that new mail every x minutes. See what I mean? So basically, just close your feed reader when you are not going to read the news and keep it that way until the time when you decide to read them. Once you are done, close it again. All feed readers I've used so far refresh automatically on launch. So you get updated stuff only when you _really_ need them.

Posted by: Saad at June 23,2006 10:49
Re: Note to People who follow RSS

Guter Hinweis. - Ich nutze mal die Gelegenheit und wollte fragen, ob es möglich wäre, eine kleine Vorschau schon im Feed zu bekommen, wenn schon keinen Volltext?

Posted by: Henning at June 23,2006 19:00
Re: Note to People who follow RSS

Hallo Henning! Also eine "Vorschau" gibt es im RSS 1.0 Feed - den Link findest Du rechts unten auf der Startseite. Den RSS 1.0 Feed können die meisten Reader eigentlich genauso lesen, so decke ich zwei Formate und mit/ohne Vorschau ab.

Posted by: betabug at June 23,2006 21:19
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