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24 June 2006

Kea - First Impressions

An aftenoon at the seaside

We've spent the afternoon at the beach bar and the beach, swimming, relaxing. The plan was to rent a bike and explore the island. But the rent-a-bike was out of bikes. So much for planning things. I've learnt that the main island town is inland.

Today we've stayed in the village near the harbour. Lots of tourist restaurants and hotels. Still when we left the beach as the sun went down, we noticed that it would be difficult to find a room. Kea is close to Athens, so they have lots of weekend guests - and today is Saturday. Lots of walking around to find a room. Then we had a bit of luck and got the last room in an oldfashioned hotel.

Went out to eat at a tavern behind the football field, the place where the locals seem to go. Now we're back in the 50s charm of our hotel.

Speaking of charm: This part of the island has a rough charm. Rocks and dry land on one side, but from our room we've seen a very green slope of a hill behind the village. We'll try to find a way to see the inland tomorrow.

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