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26 June 2006

Getting Firewire Back From G4 to iPod

No hard reset needed

As noted in my famous[1] post iPod hard reset, I've had trouble connecting my iPod to the G4 in my office before. The first time around I had the iPod hooked up while running "Software Update" and subsequently rebooting. Bad idea, the iPod wouldn't connect to the G4 any more, but it would still work with my PowerBook. (On the G4 it did charge, but did not show up on the Desktop / in iTunes / in the System Profiler / in Disk Utility.) Diagnosis: Hosed Firewire on the G4. Somehow confirmed by the inability to get other Firewire devices to work. But nothing is as lame as a valid diagnosis when you can't change it. So looking for solutions I had discovered the various ways to "reset" the Firewire on a G4. Back then I solved that problem through luck, then it came back and I solved it again...

Back then I got iPod connectivity back through an aborted Software Update and reboot cycle. After that Firewire was working for a long time. It left me again for a short interval (don't remember the reason), but a classic "press and hold the cuda reset button" reset solved that. Now I've upgraded to 10.4, without much thought - and the result was that Firewire was hosed again. In 10.3 while Firewire was hosed, the System Profiler would display "No information found" in the Firewire panel. The 10.4 System Profile searches for a long time and then just displays an empty panel.

This morning I got my Firewire back. What did I do? When I left the office on Friday, I shut down the machine, then unplugged it from the power grid. I came in Monday morning, opened the case, pressed the cuda reset button loooong. Then I waited for some minutes more before connecting the power and booting. Before actually digging out the iPod [2] and cable I looked up in the System Profiler - and hello, was greeted with "Maximum Speed: Up to 400 Mb/sec". Then carefully plugged in the iPod and the two were back on talking terms.

To tell you the truth, I believe the Firewire on this machine is very fragile and can't be trusted. I've seen other G4s that could take a lot of abuse on the Firewire and not complain. Maybe this one was mistreated before or has a specific hardware problem. I'm happy to have Firewire back for now.

[1] That post is famous, because it was No 1 in my stats for a long time. It doesn't contain much information, but a well known search engine loves it. For a while it was listed No 1 for the search terms [ipod hard reset], and it's still on the first result page, so it gets a lot of clicks.

[2] For the record, it's a "Dock Connector" iPod with the touch wheel. I don't remember what "Generation Number" that gives.

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