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02 July 2006

Some Pictures from Kea Island

Took only a few pictures with the lame phone camera

Here are some more pictures from last weekends excursion to Kea Island. I took only a few pictures, and since the camera in my phone isn't so great, this is what you get :-) Look inside for the pictures...

View from the entrance of Ioulida, Kea island, Greece

We start with a little panorama I took from the entrance of the city of Ioulida (the capital of Kea island). Cars only get till here. The picture was taken from the edge of the taxi parking lot. The island is pretty green for an aegean island, though to northern europeans it will appear dry. (Click on the image for a somewhat larger view.)

Streets of Ioulida

This is a street scene in Ioulida. It is so empty, because we were there during noon hours when decent people are either indoors sleeping through their siesta or sit in a cafe. We went to a cafe shortly after this :-)

Streets of Ioulida with view of city on hill

Another city scene, we had met one lady shortly before this and a couple of tourists a little bit afterwards. One can see much of the city on the rise of the hill.

Balcony in Ioulida, Kea Island, Greece

I liked these balconies. The upper one is nice and picturesque, but the lower one is more comfortable to sit outside in the evenings.

Coastline on Kea island, Greece

On the way back from swimming on Sunday, we saw this picturesque coastline. Prospective tourists rest assured, even though it looks all rocky, there are some sandy beaches on Kea.


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