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05 July 2006

This Months Meaty Calendar Sheet

Another month, another souvlaki!
The famous souvlaki calendar - July

At the end of last year (right on time) here at the office we got sent a special calendar for the new year 2006. It came from one of the many Souvlaki shops of the area and it depicts for each month one of their foods. No, I don't know if there is any person who hangs a picture of meat and chips on their wall and flips it over every month.

But in order to share this beauty with you, I scanned in the sheet for July and posted it here. Yeah, I know, the scanner cut off some of the borders, but that can be considered part of the act of creating true art.

You can click on the image to view a bigger image... and even spot the phone number so you could order if this beauty triggers your appetite!

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